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I would like to pick up my CD following worship, and will pay at that time. CLICK HERE and provide a little information so we can have it ready for you on your pick up date.


I would like to have my CD shipped to me. CLICK HERE to pay online and provide shipping information.

Signs of Financial Bondage

I'll Be Back

Get Out Of Your Own Way

Signs of Spirituality

Mastering Your Misfortune

Reliable Signs of Spirituality

Why Me?

True Friendship

On Your Blessed Behavior

Looking for the King

A Time to Remember


You Can't Handle Me

Don't Fight the Process

From Barrier to Blessing

Joy to the World

A Word to the Broken

Your Blessing is Here





A Time to Remember


Living Godly In An Ungodly World


Understanding the Holy Spirit Pt 1 & 2


The Meaning of Salvation

A Fever in the House

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Prayer Language

The Good Shepherd

Spiritual Power (The Holy Spirit)

My Words

Living Devoted to Prayer

Praying Like It Matters

The Seed, Sower & Soil

Helping the Hurting


I've Got to Get Through This

Respect the Rejected

I Can't Be Quiet

Becoming Wise

You're Pushing Me

Real Discipleship

In the Dark

Hope For Hotheads

Paradox of A Pit

Do It For the Vine

My Praise

Mothers: He Has It In His Hands

I Need A Word

Understanding the Episcopacy

Get Ready for the Next Move

How the Word Comes Alive

THE KISS: Life After Betrayal

Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship

Georgia World Congress Center

Atlanta, Georgia

July 9 - 11, 2014

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